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Kosaka, Futami
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The epileptic convulsion was caused by local injection of 10% metrazol in the cerebellar cortex and its march was researched. The results were as follows. 1) The convulsion was identical with the cerebral cortical epileptic convulsion and the number of cases in which the march of spasm was observed was quite the same as that of cases in which the convulsion occurred simultaneously in all parts of body. 2) No convulsion was occurred by the stimulation upon the vermis cerebellaris and also it occurred very rarely by that upon the cerebellar nuclei. 3) In cases having the march of spasm caused by stimulation upon Lobus lunatus anterior (L.l. ant.) began in the fore limb, while by stimulation upon L.l. inf. and L. semil. mainly in the hind limb on the same side of stimulation. 4) In cases of cerebellar stimulation, the pathway of the impulse was to be between the both cerebellar hemisphere and both thalami and thus the march of spasm spread from one side of the body to the other side. 5) No march of the cerebellar epileptic convulsion occurred without the cerebral motor cortex. 6) After the removal of both side of the cerebral motor cortex no march occurred but the general convulsion occurred simultaneously. 7) No convulsion occurred by stimulation upon the cerebellar hemisphere after the removal of both thalami or both nuclei lenticulares. 8) The march of convulsion was occurred by a close assimilation of pyramidal and extrapyramidal tracts. It seems that for impulse of convulsion the extrapyramidal tract plays important role, while for start of march the pyramidal tract plays mainly.