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人脳組織の電子顕微鏡学的研究 第2編 各種固定液による像の変化につて

Ono, Masakazu
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1) For the purpose of preserving the fine structure of cells, the osmic acid was the best for fixation and then in the order of formalin, Zenker's formalin solution, Bouin's solution, Carnoy's solution, alcohol and aceton. 2) By formalin fixation the ground substance of the nuclei was preserved best. 3) By alcohol fixation the cells were destroyed most severely and tended to make dense and coarse precipitations. 4) Zenker's formalin solution and Bouin's solution gave almost similar figures of fixation, but the former preserved better the fine structures. 5) By Carnoy's solution the fine structures were slightly better preserved than by alcohol. 6) After aceton fixation no good figures were obtained for electronmicrosopy. 7) The fixing solutions except osmic acid were not satisfatory enough by single use, but when they were combined with osmic acid, they became useful to clarify the figures.