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慢性胃炎に関する研究 第1編 慢性胃炎に対する胃切除の検討

Sugahara, Yasuji
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Forty-five cases of gastrectomies and 39 cases of exploratory laparotomies had been performed in 84 cases of the chronic gastritis. They were requested to write for their postoperative conditions and the author has made a comparative study on the results, in 37 cases of gastrectomies and in 30 cases of exploratory laparotomies, from the clinical symptomes and the resected specimens. The gastralgia as a chief complaint has been reduced from 37.8% to 16.2% by means of the gastrectomies. The results were; 1) good in 89.1% of the gastrectomized cases and in 86.6% of the exploratory cases. 2) effective in the patients had advanced atrophic gastritis. 3) excellent in the older patients, and fair in the younger. 4) no differences were encountered in between antrum gastritis and pyloric gastritis.