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高温環境下に於ける糖代謝 第1編 高温環境下に於ける糖代謝に及ぼすvitamin Cの影響

Obara, Yoshio
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1. Imposition of vitamin C on mice made glycogen content of livers and muscles increase contrary to the decreases of blood sugar values. 2. Glycogen content of liver decreased remarkably by exposing mice or guinea pigs to high temperature, but the decrease grew far slight by preliminary imposition of vitamin C on them and the content became higher contrarily in some doses of vitamin C imposed. 3. No influence was proved on glycoden content of muscles of mice or guinea pigs by exposing them to high temperature or having imposed vitamin C beforehand. 4. An increase of blood sugar value was caused by blood collection by heart puncture of mice and guinea pigs, and by letting them expose to high temperature a remarkable increase of blood sugar values was obtained in the latter comparing with no influence in the former. The above mentioned increases were inhibited by preliminary imposition of vitamin C showing rather a decrease by increased imposition of it.