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腎結核における腎機能に関する研究 第2編 偏側性腎結核の腎機能(患腎剔出前後における腎機能,特に尿量と尿比重の関係について)

Kosokabe, Yoshio
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In this part II, a few researches on the renal function especially on the quantity and specific gravity of urine before and after the removal of the affected kidney in 163 cases of unilateral tuberculosis were performed and the following results were obtained: (1) The urine quantity was adjusted generally during the first week after the operation and improved to normal level or near normal level in the second week in most of the cases (42%). (2) Concerning the daily urine quantity, in most of the cases it increased gradually every week and exceeded the level before operation and remained there. (3) In the studies on the daily urine quantity after the operation to reach 1, 000cc, most of the cases (33 cases) reached 1, 000cc in the first day. (4) The specific gravity of urine direct after the operation was considerably elevated, but dropped to normal level during the first week, i.e., 54.5% of the cases dropped below 1021 in the first week. In general, the improvement of the specific gravity to normal value appears rapidly than that of the urine quantity. (5) Observing the improvement of the renal function according to the extent of the affection of the kidney, the urine quantity recovered rapidly in the cases of early stadium and the specific gravity in the cases of late stadium. (6) No difference could be found in the improvement of renal function between the sides of the remaining kidney or the sex of the patient. (7) Even by making a detailed research in 65 cases whose operated kidney showed the most active state, no difference could be observed between the sides of affection or sex of the patient, but concerning the age of the patient, the renal function improved somewhat rapidly in the cases of younger generation.