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骨髓埋沒に関する実験的並に臨床的研究 第2編 骨髓埋沒による実験的貧血の恢復と鉄代謝及び網内系機能との関係

Okano, Takuya
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By inducing anemia in animals by such means as; blood-letting, phenylhydrazin injection, benzol injection, X-ray irradiation, kollargol injection, or anchylostoma; then, by performing Prokg. 0.5g bone marrow transplantation for those animals, obtatined results as follows: 1) The bone marrow transplantation has power to stimulate recovery from anemia; on that time, serum iron quantity proves a decrease, while function of reticuloendothelial system proves either excessive, or in case showing low, has room to be stirred up to recovery. 2) In general, the recovery of serum iron quantity to normal value is apt to be delayed compared to that of anemia 3) In kollargol anemic dog, the quantity of serum iron shows a marked increase. 4) The function of reticuloendothelial system with anchylostoma anemia shows a remarkable excitement, anemia cannot be recovered by sole bone marrow transplantation: it has not been recovered until helmintics has been employed; In case bone marrow transplantation and helmintic use have been performed at the same time, the blood cells keeps on to increase even after the recovery of anemia.