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抗体及び抗原の実験的研究 第2篇 糖類の大腸菌免疫抗体加熱に依る抗体破壊阻止作用及び大腸菌抗原加熱に依る影響について

Sasaki, K.
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It seems to me that when antibody was heated after various saccharides was added to it, saccharides inhibit the change of gathering condition of kolloid particle after the denaturation and heaping up of serum protein and therefore inhibit the destruction of antibody. It seems that in the intensity of the inhibitory action of destruction of antibody of saccharides, 6% glucose water solution is stronger than 9% sugar water solution. It seems that it has stronger inhibitory action to heat antibody after adding sugar to it beforehand than to heat. antibody after dilute it with sugar water solution. In agglutination after heating of antigen, o antigen diminishes its agglutination's titer in overheating than 80°C and recovers its strength in 2 hours heating at 100°C, while hantigen diminishes its agglutination's titer in ascending of heating temperature and together with prolonging the heating hour.