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Fujiwara, Hiroshi
Sano, Eiji
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Spinal fluid from children with Guillain-Barrés syndrome, Japanese encephalitis, and cerebral palsy was concentrated by Ewerbeck's method. Spinal fluid of high protein content from children with hemorrhagic duritis was not concentrated. Protein fractions were analysed with Tiselius' electrophoretic apparatus. The following results were obtained. 1) Spinal fluid protein contained 4 fractions as in serum protein. Beside these V-fraction before albumin and τ-fraction between β-globulin and γ-globulin were noted. γ-globulin was less than in serum. 2) In one case of Guillain-Barrés syndrome, and in the convalescent period of Japanese encephalitis, remarkably steep and sharp τ-peaks were noted. The peak in the former reached 7.0% and that in the latter 16.8%. γ-globulin percentage was somewhat higher than in other cases. 3) In cerebral palsy, no special changes were noted. 4) In hemorrhagic duritis, no V- and τ-fraction were noted. Almost the same results as in serum protein fractions were obtained.