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急性膵臟壊死に関する実験的研究 第3編 血液脂質に及ぼす影響並に壊死膵組織中の脂肪酸量に就いて

Kawada, Yoshio
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The method of experiment of acute pancreatic necrosis of dogs and classification of experimental cases were same with the described in Chapter I. The measurement was performed by the following methods Total fatty acid in blood and pancreatic tissue By van de Kamer's method. Total cholesterol of serum: By acetic anhydride method. Value of blood fat: by Kunkel's method. The following results were obtained: In the serious group, total cholesterol of serum and total fatty acid in blood increased markedly and on many cases, they reached the highest level before their deaths. In the medium and mild group, it was observed that both of them increased and did not reduce to the preoperation value in two or three weeks after the operation. The total fatty acid in the necrotic tissue of diseased pancreas increased as much as 200~250%, compared with normal Pancreas tissue. In clinical cases, increase of blood fat was observed. I think the significant increase of β globulin of serum protein which described in Chapter II is due to the increase of blood fat.