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乳幼兒榮養添加料トシテノ酵母ノ價値ニ就テ (第2)酵母ガ幼若白鼠ノ榮養發育ニ及ボス影響

Itami, Kungo
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To determine whether the yeast added to the fairly well balanced food has any value, experimental studies were carried out on a series of young growing white rats which had been fed powdered milk with or without the addition of yeast. The yeast preparations used were “Enzeima” and “Ebios”. The animals with yeast and without yeast did not show any definite difference in their general and nutritional conditions, growths and other anatomical findings. The animals which were fed powdered milk with the addition of sugar and polished cereal grain flour, showed a slightly increased rate in gain when the yeast preparation “Enzeima” was incorporated in their diet.