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Tanakaya, Kiyoto
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(1) I enucleated out cleanly the spleen of a young dog and from this fresh spleen extracted the spleen-extract fluid diluted 25 times with distilled water. To examine the effectual dose, I injected in the veins of rabbits with 0.2cc, 0.5cc, 1.0cc, 1.5cc, and 2.0cc of the spleen-extract respectively per kilogram weight of the body for three days in succession, and on the fourth day injected 3.0cc of 1.5% trypanblau solution in the same way. And after a certain time I took the blood out of the rabbit and compared the quantity of the pigment which remained in the serums of each rabbit's blood and the quantity of the pigment which was excreted into the bile from the biliary fistula, with the standard fluid. Then I killed the injected rabbit after a certain time and by the histological examination of the liver and the spleen I made the comparative study of the multitute of the trypanblau pigment which the endothel cell ate; and thus I came to the following conclusion: It is proved that the best effect can be obtained when 1.0cc of the spleen-extract per kilogram weight of the body was injected and the larger quantity of it rather makes some obstruction. (2) To acertain whether the effectual essence of the spleen-extract can endure heat or not, I heated it at 56°C. for 30 minutes, °C. for 30 minutes, 70°C. for 30 minutes, 100°C. for 10 minutes, 100°C. for 20 minutes, 100°C. for 40 minutes, and 100°C. for 60 minutes and injected eath of then into, different rabbits and examined in the same way. In this case I may safely say that the action of the heated spleen-extract becomes somewhat weak, but even the one heated at 100°C. for 60 minutes, no boubt, stimulates reticuloendothel. (3) To examine albuminous in the spleen-extract I injected spleen-extract which contains albuminous into rabbits and the one from which albuminous was all taken out by the Volin u. Wu's method into others and thus obtaind nearly the same results. (4) I extracted the spleen with alcohol, acetone, ether, water and 5% glycerine-fluid respectively, and found that the quantity of the effectual essence contained in each extract in the same degree of dilution was as follws: ether>acetone>5% glycerin-fluid>water>alcohol (5) I compared the spleen-extract which I made by my own method, with the one made by Nitschke's method, which was made public lately, and it was proved that the action of the former was far stronger than that of the latter. From the experiments above mentiond, I affirm that the essence of the spleen-extract is the specific substance, hormon, which is contained in the spleen; that its fixed quantity stimulates the function of the reticuloendothelerialcells but its larger quantity rather makes some obstruction; that it can endure tolerably great heat; and that it is able to be extracted with alcohol, ether acetone, and water.