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Kawamura, Tsukumo
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The author observed two cases of the leiomyoma of the intestine, and described exactly the macroscopic and microscopic examinations of the tumors. The first case, 49 aged man, was a benignant leiomyoma, which was unexpectedly found out at the autopsy of the tuberculosis; it developed from the wall of the jejunum and formed a local tumor as large as straight bean in the submucous. The second case was leiomyoma sarcomatodes with metastasis on the neighbouring mesentery and the omentum, which was extracted operatively from the female patient of 49 age. The primary tumor was the size of man's fist and originated from the wall of the ileum. The originate part of the last mentiond tumor is not clear, but the former tumor developed from the circle muscule of the jejunum.