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Shindo, Teruo
Dr. Sakakibara has positively proved by the streams-examination of the van den Bergh and Lepehne's hypothesis, that the bilirubin which shows only the so called van den Bergh's indirect reaction is primarily produced in the all reticuloendothelial system, and that, by the function of the hepatic cells, it is converted into the bilirubin which shows indirect and direct reaction, and that is excreted into the bile duct. But the consequence of the Bergh's reaction of the bilirubin in the intestines does not seem to have been determined. Regarding this problem, I have performed several experiments and reached the following results. The bilirubin-Index, the direct reaction of the Bergh's reaction in the intestines is not influenced by the pancreas juice, ferments, bakteria and white blood corpscles; While the bilirubin is taken up by the small intestinal wall, it is influenced by the vital force of the epithelial cells, and then only the indirect bilirubin is absorved into the lymph and blood vessels, so the epithelial cells of the small intestine give a very important influence to the bilirubin-Index in the small intestince.