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Maruyama, Ichiro
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While I am attending the above department for research work, I, in July 1923, accidentally obtained a case of a cystic true teratoma which is of much interest. The following is an extract from the paper detailed in Japanese and only the histological findings will be here described. This teratoma is consisted of three germinal layers and the most part still remains embryonic but there also can be seen a few matured organs and tissues and they-prematured and matured-are very complicately mingled. The organs and tissues observed in these three germinal layers are classified as follows:- Ectoderm: Epidermis; Hair; Sebaceous gland; Sudoreferous gland; Pigment cell; Pigment Epithelium; Nerve cell; nerve fiber; Glia tissue; Arrectores pili; Hair gland; Mesoderm: Connective tissue; Lymph apparatus; Fatty tissue; Muscles, striated and unstriated; Myxomatoid tissue; Sarcomatoid tissue; Carcimatoid tissue; Lymph gland; Large and small blood vessels; Blood (the red blood corpuscle has no nucleus) Thyroid; Bone; Cartilage; Teeth; Isthmus and ampulla of oviduct? Endoderm: Trachea and bronchi; Mucous membranes of stomach and large and amall intestines; Various cystomata.