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看護師と医師の CT/MRI検査における安全に対する認識調査

Watanabe, Manae Department of Nursing, Okayama University Hospital
Matsuura, Ryutaro Okayama University Graduate School of Health Sciences
Namba, Shihoko Center for Innovative Clinical Medicine, Okayama University Hospital
To perform computed tomography (CT)/magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans safely and reliably, adherence to a pre-scan checklist is crucial. However, physicians and nurses may differ in their recognition of the usefulness of this checklist. We conducted the present study to investigate possible differences between physicians’ and nurses’ awareness of CT/MRI scan safety in terms of their adherence to the pre-scan checklist. We prepared an independently developed self-administered 23-item questionnaire about attributes of subjects, CT/ MRI scan safety recognition and current situation for CT/MRI examinations. The survey was distributed to 468 participants who combined nurses and physicians at Okayama University Hospitalin Okayama, Japan. We analysis the responses of the 224 participants (117 nurses and 107 physicians)who returned the survey with on missing data (a 65.1% completion rate). The overall safety recognition scores were significantly higher for the nurses than for the physicians (p<0.001). In addition, the physicians did not sufficiently know or implement the guidelines in the CT/MRI scan safety manual used at our hospital. Nurses and physicians demonstrated marked differences in their awareness and knowledge of safety regarding CT/MRI scans. Measures for improving safety recognition should thus be designed for individual healthcare occupations.
CT/MRI検査(CT/MRI examinations)
安全認識(safety recognition)
職種の差異(difference between occupations)
CT/MRI検査マニュアル(CT/MRI examinations manual)