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Nakano, Kanyu
Idani, Hitoshi
Asami, Shinya
Ookawa, Hiro
Yoshimoto, Masashi
Ito, Atene
Monden, Kazuteru
Kurose, Yohei
Hioki, Masayoshi
Ishii, Tatsuhiro
Sadamori, Hiroshi
Oono, Satoshi
Kin, Hitoshi
Takakura, Norihisa
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  Laparoscopic repair of a suprapubic hernia typically carries a high risk of recurrence, because fixation of the mesh in the peripubic area is difficult. We herein report a patient undergoing laparoscopic repair of a suprapubic hernia, along with a description of the surgical techniques employed.  A 78-year-old woman visited our hospital with a chief complaint of swelling at the median hypogastric incision site after surgery for an ovarian cyst performed at age 25 years. Laparoscopic examination revealed the hernia orifice to be 3.5×3.0 cm in size and that the distance between the caudal margin of the hernia orifice and the pubis was 2.5 cm. Parietex composite mesh was used for fixation through all layers of the abdominal wall with non-absorbable sutures and tack fixation. On the pubic side, after the pubis had been exposed by separating it from the bladder, we performed mesh fixation through all layers of the abdominal wall immediately above the pubis with the sutures placed inside the mesh, combined with tack mesh fixation directly to the pubis. This procedure enabled definite fixation of the mesh. Six days after surgery, she was discharged without complications. To date, two years and five months after surgery, no recurrence has been observed.
腹壁瘢痕ヘルニア(incisional hernia)
恥骨上ヘルニア(suprapubic hernia)
腹腔鏡下修復術(laparoscopic repair)
症例報告 (Case Reports)