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病院基盤の訪問看護ステーションの問題点 ―患者67名からの検討―

Makino, Hirofumi
Oka, Youko
Watanabe, Kimiko
Kanami, Hifumi
Moriwaki, Kazuhiko
Katayama, Eriko
Fujiwara, Hiromichi
Sadakane, Takazi
Satou, Yoshiyuki
Hayashi, Ippei
Satou, Kamehiro
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We investigated the curent status of home nursing in our instiution, and visiting nurses' station "chime", to clarify current problems and possible improvements in home care service. A large number of the subjects were aged, and had various diseases usually involving cerebrovascular disorder. Patients requiring medical treatment comprised less than half, and it was considered that support was strong in the current home nursing siuation, particulrly. We examined the age status of persons who looked after the patients, and tce burden on women who provided care. Furthemore, problems with the prenent visit nursing syntem were evaluated by an anonymous questionnaire survey of patients and their attendants. Many of the subjects were worried or troubled about what to do about exacerbation or sudden chages of he patients' condition, the health of the caretakers, and the tight schedule of the caretakers' life. Based on the results of this questionnaire, we would like to improve the cooperation among members the visting nurse staff including doctors, and physiotherapists so that each of them may better play their roles and provide more appropriate nursing based on the wishes and needs of indvidual patients patients and their caretakers rather than those of the uniform service.
ADL (activing of daily living)