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Teratomatosis Peritonei―卵巣奇形腫由来の腹膜播種性病巣に関する文献学的考察:今世紀報告された156例の臨床病理学的検討による集大成―

Kobayashi, Masanao
Kobayashi, Jun-ichi
Iwagaki, Hiromi
Tanaka, Noriaki
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We performed clinicopathological analyses of peritoneal dissemination caused by ovarian teratoma (PD caused by OV-T), on the English great table of 156 cases in 105 papers published in this century. We classified PD caused by OV-T into 3 categories as follows ; 1. (TP) teratomatosis peritonei (new term) : PD composed by three germ teratomas cells. 2. (GP) gliomatosis peritonei : PD composed by only glia cells. 3. (MIX) mixed type : PD composed by glia and teratoma cells. TP and MIX were newly designated in this present paper. The number of TP, GP and MIX were 22, 95 and 25, respectively. The review of these 156 cases and 105 papers were demonstrated that the clinical features between GP and TP were cleary different. TP had a more tendency of recurrentn character in comparison to GP and MIX, but had a good long survivals resulted by repeated surgical resections.
ovarian teratoma
peritoneal dissemination
teratomatosis peritonei
gliomatosis peritonei