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Kawakami, Takashi
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To investigate the etiological role of human papillomavirus (HPV), 14 cases of papillomas in head and neck region were examined virologically and clinicopathogically. Both dot blot and Southern blot hybridization methods were applied for HPV DNA detection. In all cases of multiple laryngeal papillomas, either HPV 6 (2 cases) or HPV 11 (2 cases) genomes were detected. The presence of the HPV genomes provides strong evidence for the HPV etiology of these laryngeal papilloma. In one case of sinonasal papilloma (exophytic type). HPV 6 DNA was detected. No HPV genome was found in the DNA from the remaining 4 sinonasal papillomas. However, their clincopathological findings suggested the viral etiology. No HPV genome was proved in 4 oral papillomas. Furthermore, neither clinical course nor histopathological findings suggested viral etiology. The sensitivity of blot hybridization (Vira probe HPV) in detecting HPV DNA was the same as that of Southern blot hybridization.
Human Papillomavirus
Dot Blot Hybridization
Southern Blot Hybridization