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インターフェロン並びにインターフェロン誘発剤に関する基礎的・臨床的研究 第2編 急性非リンパ性白血病寛解期における β-Carboxyethylgermanium sesquioxide (Ge-132) の臨床効果

Fukumoto, Mitsuhiro
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The clinieal of Ge-132 in the management of acute nonlymphocytic leukemia (ANLL) patients at remission phase were studied. Twenty-two ANLL patients with complete remission were randomized into Groups A and B. Patients in Group A were treated with the combianation with Ge-132 (2,250mg/day ; p. o daily) and intermittent-alternating chemotherapy 〔daunorubicin, vincristine, cytosine arabinoside and prednisolone (DVCP)/aclarubicin vincristine cytosine arabinoside and prednisolone (AVCP)〕and patients in Groyp B were treated with intermittent-alter nating chemotherapy (DVCP/AVCP) alone. Evaluable patients were 7 in Group A and 10 in Group B. Remission duration and survival time were not significantly different between Groups A and B. (median remission duration ; 5.7 month in Group A vs 8.1 month in Group B/median surival time ; 23.9month in Group A vs 18.3month in Group B) The rates of second remission in relapsed cases were not significantly different between Groups A and B.〔2 of 7,(28.6%) in Group A vs 3 of 10,(30.0%) in B〕Ge-132 did not accelerate the recovery from myelosuppression after intensification with the DVCP regimen. The incidence of liver damage and levels of serum GOT and GPT tended to be lower in Group A than in Group B. In this clinical study the incidence of liver damage tended to be lowere in patients treated with Ge-132. The liver damage which often develops during intensificantion chemotherapy, not only limits the chemotherapy but also causes adverse effects on the quality of life of the patient. In part 1 of this series, Ge-132 was reported to activate the neutrophil chemiluminescence. Ge-132 seems to be useful in the management of ANLL patients not only by the enhancement of the host defense system but also by the prevenation of liver damage.
Biological response modifier
Acute nonlymphocytic leukemia