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Nanikawa, Ryo
Hashimoto, Yoshiaki
Moriya, Fumio
Nakai, Miyoko
Yang, Xu
Guo, Chun Gang
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In this paper we present 13 autopsy cases on interest in medico-legal traumatology. The cases are as follows : 1)two cases of incomplete cardiac rupture dur to thoracic trauma, 2)rupture of herniated large intestine due to abdominal trauma, 3)large incised wounds on the side of the neck by a small kitchen knife, 4)a homicidal case with similar wounds that accompanied self-inflicted wounds, 5)a homicidal case accompanied by multiple stab wounds on the chest, 6)an accidental death skewered by a slender metallic stick, 7)special fatal shotgun injuries, 8)a homicidal case accompanid by various burns by an electric hair-dryer, iron and ciga-rettes, 9)two murder cases by a metallic baseball bat, 10)a suicidal case due to a fall from a high place, and 11)a severely disrupted victim of a road traffic accident.
Criminal injuries
Injuries and utensils
Traumatic injuries
Medico-legal traumatology