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肉体労作後の尿蛋白に関する研究 第3報 CBB含有寒天plateを用いた尿微量蛋白質の新定量法;特に運動前後尿による比較

Miyai, Taizo
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A new micro determination of urinary protein using Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250 (CBB) and sulfosalicyl acid containing agar plates was devised. The correlation between the concentration of urinary protein using CBB colorimetry and that using our staining method on agar plate was determined. 1. Assay procedure 1.5g of agar was disselved 90ml of water while waring at 60°C (solution A) 0.005g CBB was disselved into 5ml of water (solution B) solution A and solution B and were mixed and wate was added to a final volume of 100ml. For urinary protein determination, 15μl of urine were spotted on agar plate. After 15 minutes, colored spots were evaluated. For the semiquantitative determination, the plate was dried at 37°C for 30 minutes and spots were compared wdth a standard spot using the naked eye. For the quantitative determination, the plate was dried at 37°C for 30 minutes and spots were analyzed with a densitometer. 2. The newly devised CBB method is convenient for micro assay of urinary protein. The urine samples can be determined in small amounts and the method is simple highly sensitive and highly accurate. Many urine specimens can be measured in a field survey. Result can be stored for long periods of time after blotting into writing menbrane-filter. 3. This method is in the range of 1.2%4.5% in producing good date, tab proside piad has excellent reproducibility an average recovery of 98.8±4.9%.
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