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Tanabe, Masatada
Satoh, Katashi
Kageyama, Junichi
Tsuuchi, Yasuhiko
Toyama, Yoshihiro
Mori, Yasutane
Yoden, Midori
Kawase, Yoshirou
Mizukawa, Kiichiro
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The branching pattern of the pulmonary artery was examined in the autopsied right lung of a 76-year-male, (inflated and fixed lung), in the regions supplied by daughter branches. Ordinarily, the pulmonary arteries are accompanied by the bronchi, but not necessarily by the daughter bronchi. There were two types of branching patterns of the pulmonary artery in the regions be occupied by daughter branches. In one, the pulmonary artery was not accompanied by the daughter bronchi at the beginning of the branch, but was accompanied by the daughter branch in peripheral regions. In the other, some branches of pulmonary artery distributed to the hilar region from neighbouring daughter branch areas. It is very important to consider daughter branches of the pulmonary artery as well as the inherent structure of the lung.
daughter branch
inflated and fixed lung
pulmonary artery