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Kawasaki, Shoji
Mizuta, Akifumi
Kashitani, Naoko
Kuroda, Masahiro
Hiraki, Yoshio
Aono, Kaname
Sato, Jiro
Ogino, Tetsuro
Nakanishi, Takashi
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A human cell line (YU-137) isolated from a bone of malignant fibrous histiocytoma in bone was evaluated using immunofluorescent staining methods. Cell cycle fractions were studied by flow cytometry. The magnitude of G(2)+M fraction in a cell cycle of an exponentially growing population of YU-137 was higher than that observed in HeLa S3 cells. The doubling time of YU-137 cells was 3.2 days. The radiosensitivity of this cell line was compared with HeLa S3 and HMV-1 cells from dose response curves against X-irradiation. The parameters of radiosensitivity of YU-137 against X-irradiation were n=2.0, D(0)=1.05 Gy and D(0)=0.73 Gy. From these data, the radiosensitivity of YU-137 was discussed.
Tissue culture
Malignant fibrous histeocytoma
Flow cytometry