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Tanabe, Masatada
Satoh, Katashi
Yoden, Midori
Tsuuchi, Yasuhiko
Kawase, Yoshiro
Mizukawa, Kiichiro
Ohkawa, Motoomi
Nanjoh, Satoru
Maeda, Masazumi
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We reported two cases of peripheral adenocarcinoma about 10mm in diameter. High resolution. thin-slice CT images were reviewed in comparison with pathologic findings. The margins of both lesions were ill-defined, and corresponded to superficial tumor replacement of alveolar cells without collapse. In one case, the pulmonary vein was viewed as going toward the central portion of the mass on CT, which suggested the possibility of malignacy because such a finding is different from the pattern of centrilobular inflammation. In the other case, airbronchograms of bronchioles and alveolar ducts on CT suggested the possidility of malignancy instead of ordinary inflammatory changes. These radiological findings corresponded to radiograms of specimens and pathologic findings.Inflated and fixed lung were useful for diagnosis by radiological imaging, including CT.
small pulmonary carcinoma
inflated and fixed lung
high resolution CT