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岡山大学医療技術短期大学部紀要 (1巻-9巻)

The Influence of Film Processing Temperature and Time on Mammographic film Characteristics

Nakagiri, Yoshitada
Sugita, Katsuhiko
Takeuchi, Tomoyuki
Honda, Mitsugi
Yoshida, Akira
The influence for developing temperature and processing time within film processing conditions was investigated using four mammographic films, Konica New CM, Fuji UM-MA HC, Kodak Min-R M and Kodak EB/RA (for rapid system). And Fuji UR-2, a double-emulsion film, was used as a control. Those sensitometric strips exposed by a sensitometer were processed in the different combinations of developing temperatures ranging from 28 to 36℃, processing times from 45 to 210 sec. Average gradient, relative speed and base plus fog obtained from the measured film characteristic curves were evaluated for the different developing temperatures and times. Fuji UR-2 was scarcely affected and mammographic films were greatly affected in the different combinations without an increase in base plus fog except EB/RA. In New CM, UM-MA HC and Min-R M, the average gradients and the relative speeds increased as the developing temperature was higher and the developing time was longer, but the increases were limit on the combination of 36℃ and 210 sec in New CM and UM-MA HC. In EB/RA, the average gradients were almost constant and the relative speeds increased slightly like the double-emulsion film. These results suggested that it would be possible to contribute to dose reduction and advancement of contrast in New CM, UM-MA HC and Min-R M by changing these processing parameters.
マンモグラフィ (Mammography)
現像処理パラメータ (Processing Parameter)
特性曲線 (Characteristic Curve)
平均階調度 (Average Gradient)
相対感度 (Relative Speed)