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岡山大学医療技術短期大学部紀要 (1巻-9巻)

Development of a microcontroller-based dental implant movement checker

Kusuma Wijaya, Sastra
Saratani, Keiji
Matsutani, Yoshio
Tatsuta, Mitsuhiro
Kawazoe, Takayoshi
Kojima, Hideki
The aim of this study was to develop a portable device (IM checker) for measuring dental implant mobility using a microcontroller. A constant amplitude and frequency vibration was applied to a dental implant model and the acceleration signal was detected using measuring probe. Then the IM score was obtained using the criteria developed in this study. We made several implant models of different implant lengths, diameters and material of Rigolac® or Molteno®. There was a linear relationship between mechanical mobility at 400 Hz of the models and the IM scores (R(2) = 0.92). The IM checker could discriminate the mobility of dental implant models in twelve measurements with P < 0.01. There was no significant difference in the means of the IM score measured by four operators with P < 0.01. The results indicated that the IM checker had sufficient reliability and could be available in dental clinics.
Tooth mobility (歯の動揺)
mechanical mobility (機械モビリティ)
dental implant (インプラント)
manual examination (触診)