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冬を挟む日本の季節進行の非対称性と季節感に関する学際的授業 (音楽や美術と連携した表現活動を通して)

Kuranoshin, Kato Kaken ID researchmap
Haruko, Kato
Yuichi, Haga
This study is a part of the activity to develop an interdisciplinary class on the climate environment around the Japan Islands and the “seasonal feeling”, succeeding to Kato et al. (2013) [1] which examined detailed comparison between the transitional season from autumn to midwinter and that from midwinter to spring there, paying attention to the asymmetric seasonal march. This paper reports the results of the joint activity of the art and the music with meteorology for the class at the Faculty of Education, Okayama University, with attention to the analyses of the students’ works expressing the above two transitional seasons. Finally, a discussion was also made on how to use the art education for deeper understanding of the climate environment such as the seasonal cycle around Japan.
Climate Environment around Japan
Seasonal Feeling
Joint Activity of Meteorology with Culture
Asymmetric Seasonal March
Early winter vs. Early Spring