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多彩な季節感を育む日本の気候環境に関する大学での学際的授業 (暖候期の降水の季節変化に注目して)

Kato, Kuranoshin Kaken ID researchmap
Kato, Haruko
Otani, Kazuo
Nishimura, Nanako
Mitsuhata, Toshiki
Moriduka, Nozomi
Sato, Sari
The present study is a part of the activity to develop an interdisciplinary class on the climate environment around the Japan Islands in association with the “seasonal feeling”, with attention to the seasonal cycle of the weather systems and the rainfall characteristics during the warm season. Firstly, the school song “Wa-ka-ba” (which means the deep green leaves) was analyzed as a typical song expressing the season just between the spring and the Baiu, for developing study materials for the joint activity of meteorology to music. Next, seasonal difference of the rainfall characteristics around the Japan Islands was reviewed together with the new preliminary analyses, with attention to the contribution of the “heavy rainfall days” to the total precipitation amount. Finally, the joint activity of the art with meteorology for the class at the Faculty of Education, Okayama University was reported, together with the analyses of the students’ works expressing the rainfall event in a specified season by themselves.
Climate Environment around Japan
Seasonal Feeling
Joint Activity of Meteorology with Culture
Seasonal Cycle of Rainfall Characteristics