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誘発電位による脳機能評価 ―精神遅滞児・者における中心部導出視覚誘発電位の後期成分の検討―

Yanagihara, Masafumi
Hayashi, Yuko
Visual evoked potentials recorded from the vertex were studied in seventy four individuals with mental retardation,ranging from l old to 50 years old. They were classified into 4 groups according to the level of IQ/DQ,and the relation between the late components and the intellectual level was exarnined. In 9 of 74 cases(12.2%),la tency of the N130 component was prolonged and in 7 of 74 cases (9.6%),the P190 component was prolonged. There was,however,no correlation between the number of the cases with prolonged N130 or P190 latency and the level of IQ/DQ. Cases with prolongation in N130 and/or Pl90 were almost exclusively found among those with such complications as cerebral palsy and/or epilepsy,while few cases without complications showed prolongation. From these results,it is suggested that the prolongation in the late components developes reflecting the presence of the organic lesions that have a common causative potent producing cerebral palsy and/or epilepsy.
brain function
mental retardation
visual evoked potentials
cerebral palsy