Multivariate Analysis for Fault Diagnosis System

Hanaa, E.Sayed
Hossam, A.Gabbar
Miyazaki, Shigeji
Many multivariate techniques have been applied to diagnose faults such as Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Fisher’s Discriminant Analysis (FDA), and Discriminant Partial Least Squares (DPLS). However, it has been shown that FDA and DPLS are more proficient than PCA for diagnosing faults. And recently applying kernel on FDA which is called KFDA (Kernel FDA) has showed outperformance than linear FDA based method. We propose in this research work an advanced KFDA for faults classification with Building knowledge base for faults structure using FSN. A case study is done on a chemical G-Plant process, constructed and experimental runs are done in Okayama University, Japan. The results are showing improving performance of fault detection rate for the new model over FDA.
Fault Diagnosis
Genetic Algorithm
Process Monitoring